Welcome to My Digital Artwork®!

Digital Artwork® is the artistic division of The Persian Kittens® and where you will see the creative digital photography and artwork of The Persian Kittens®. Each image has a "before" rollover. Just move your cursor over the images to see what they looked like "before." We will be adding to our artwork gallery weekly so visit often. We also offer our digital services for your artwork or photographs. We can design something for your business, or personal website needs. You can submit your photograph or artwork on our secure contact page, and give a brief description of what you'd like us to do. We can either enhance an image, or make a cartoon or art piece out of your submission. You give us your ideas and we can design something unique for you and give you a reasonable quote. You tell us how far we can go.
Do you have a photo of yourself that you really love if only the photographer had not captured your blemish or double chin? No problem we can fix that. Do you want instant weight reduction-we can help. How about getting rid of an ex? That can be easily done, and it's alot less painful!!! Men do you want to see what you'd look like if you had your hairline back? Women how about different eye color, and hair? We can do that as well! Have you wondered what you would look like if you were a doll much like the Bratz Doll? Do you have a great photo of yourself or pet, or both and wish it were taken at some exotic paradise? How about having your beloved pet as a logo as we've done with our Maxi? The possibilites are endless, so lets have fun! We will soon be accepting appointments in our new photography studio, where you'll be able to have us take you and your pet's photos, or be photographed with our star Maxi!

The Persian Kitten's® Maxi Logo

Maxi of The Persian Kitten's® was the inspiration for our logo. There was no need to look any further. He is our star and makes a great logo!

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